EZ-BATHE® Body Washing Basin

The EZ-BATHE® Body Washing Basin allows the client to enjoy bathing the way it’s meant to be – soaking wet! The EZ-BATHE is simply unrolled and inflated around the client, allowing for a convenient and safe bathing experience for both the client and caregiver. The EZ-BATHE comes complete with all needed accessories for inflating, deflating, filling and draining the Body Washing Basin.

The EZ-BATHE comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 

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Product Specifications

    Inside dimensions (in) (L x W x D)
    71 x 22 x 13½
    Outside dimensions (in) (L x W x D)
    84 x 31 x 13½
    PVC Vinyl







    For additional specs and dimensions see “Documents”

Product Features

  • Double-tube design

    The EZ-BATHE features a double-tube design to help prevent splashes and spills.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl

    The EZ-BATHE is made of heavy-duty vinyl which is also latex free.
  • Dimensions

    When the EZ-BATHE is inflated the inside dimensions are 71" long , 22" wide, and 13½" deep. it easily accommodates individuals up to 6' 2" and fits on standard and hospital beds.
  • Easy inflating and deflating

    For convenience a wet and dry vacuum is included for inflating and deflating the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin.
  • Water supply

    A 25' hose with a hand-held shower head connects to a tap up to 25' away.
  • Draining

    A drain hose with an on/off valve can be turned "off" for a long soak or left "on" for constant draining, allowing a consistent shower.

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