Portable Wheelchair Ramps

If your mobility is limited, the need for an accessibility ramp travels everywhere with you. Whether you’re seeking a portable folding ramp that’s easy to transport or a solid one-piece ramp with handrail options that offers a more permanent means of access into your home, we have a variety of styles and sizes to suit any need.

Portable Ramp Solutions

Improve Accessibility with a Ramp You Can Take Wherever You Go


EZ-ACCESS portable ramps include a variety of foldable ramps in our SUITCASE® line and solid surface, one-piece ramps in our GATEWAY™ 3G line. Each ramp is made of durable aluminum and features a slip-resistant surface that you’ll be able to use safely in all weather conditions. Our portable ramps also include self-adjusting ground transition plates to ensure mobility devices have an easy transition from ramp to ground. You’ll find SUITCASE ramps available in lengths ranging from 2 to 10 feet so that you can select the right ramp for your exact needs and GATEWAY 3G ramps available in lengths up to 10 feet to accommodate multiple steps and those higher curbs and raised entryways.

Quick Setup and Easy Transport

Portable ramps need to be easy to move from place to place, quick to set up when you need them, and easy to remove when it’s time to leave. All of our portable ramps meet this criterion but, for ultimate transportability, we recommended any one of our three styles of SUITCASE ramps. These are lightweight and can be easily stowed in a vehicle for their next use thanks to their folding design. GATEWAY 3G ramps however, are most ideal for at home use when repositioning is occasional rather than frequent.

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