Disaster Relief

Quick Accessibility Solutions in the Face of Natural Disasters
When disaster strikes, there is no time to wait for a large crew to build wood stairs and handicap-accessible ramps from scratch for structures such as emergency buildings and manufactured housing units. Wood ramps and stairs require lumber and labor, which are already scarce.
EZ-ACCESS aluminum stairs and ramp systems provide accessibility solutions when you need it – right now!

What to Expect
from Our Disaster Relief Accessibility Program

  • An in-stock, off-the-shelf accessibility solution
  • GSA-listed Disaster Purchase
  • Aluminum material that cannot rot, rust or fall apart
  • Re-deployable access systems that will last for years – storage friendly
  • Safe, code compliant, standard systems that can be installed by 1 person in less than 2 hours
  • Rapid response for ready-to-go modular stairs and ramps
  • Budgeting flexibility with no-interest payments over six months
  • Fast removal after disaster has passed
  • A simple and easy turnkey solution
  • Flexible design for your temporary housing, medical trailers, temporary restrooms, classrooms, and cafeteria buildings
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Products ideal for Disaster Relief & Emergency Housing

Code Compliant Modular Access System

The ideal solution in the wake of a natural disaster for temporary housing unit and disaster recovery center access. This code compliant, all-aluminum ramp system is also ideal for replacing other forms of public access such as wood ramps during the affected area’s rebuilding process.
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OSHA Stair System

For immediate needs, this all-aluminum stair system can be quickly deployed to provide access into mobile triage trailers, temporary emergency response facilities, etc. It can be set up quickly and can be adjusted to meet the exact height of your trailer. OSHA compliant and is a durable, safe solution.
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We are Fully Equipped to Provide Immediate Emergency Housing Access

Past disasters have taught us a lot when it comes to finding the right access solution during an unexpected event.

For instance, 90% of steps and ramps used for Manufactured Housing Units (MHU) were made of wood. Here’s why that’s a problem:

  • A wooden assembly took half of a day to build, delaying MHU occupancy
  • Poorly designed and rushed installs caused a potential dangerous conditions to occupants – rot, uneven surfaces, and poor footings
  • 100% of this chemically treated wood had to be treated as Hazardous Waste
  • Wooden steps and ramps required significant time to deconstruct upon MHU removal
EZ-ACCESS ramps and stairs are made of durable aluminum that can be set up by 1 person in just 2 hours.

If you need an accessibility solution, contact EZ-ACCESS and we’ll find the best option for you.

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