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Designed to assist you in finding the access solution that will best suit your needs.

Finding the right ramp for your application can seem like a challenging task, however the EZ-ACCESS Incline Calculator can help. When you follow the few simple steps to use the tool, it will determine the ramp length that you need based on your rise and incline requirements.

Once the Calculator has provided you with the optimal ramp length that you need, it will recommend products that are available in that specific length.

Calculate Your Incline Conversion Chart
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How to Establish the Proper Ramp Length:

  1. Measure the distance from the top step/landing to the ground (Rise).
  2. Select the incline you desire (Ratio). We start you off with the ADA standard ratio of 1:12 (every 1" of rise requires 12" of ramping), however, refer to your equipment's owner guide for acceptable ramp usage, including proper slope/incline, chair direction, etc.; never exceed its recommendations.
  3. Enter the values in the tool to determine the length of ramping needed.

    CAUTION! At any incline, use ramp only with a qualified helper.

The Incline Calculator is for calculation of rise and run only. Please refer to individual product pages for relevant application.

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