OSHA Stair System
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OSHA Stair System

The FORTRESS® OSHA Stair System provides temporary or permanent access and can be configured to fit many different applications, allowing the flexibility needed to accommodate virtually any layout or lot configuration. Available in two sizes, this durable, aluminum stair system can be used in all weather conditions and is built to take on the rigors of high-traffic use. Also available for the FORTRESS Stair is an optional, easy-to-install canopy for rain, sun, and snow protection.

To purchase, please contact us at 800-258-8503 or buy online.

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Built in the USA
Variable Position Height Range:

Highest adjustability in the industry with each size having three height positions. 3-step adjusts from 23” to 34” (OSHA compliant at 25.5” and 34”) and 4-step adjusts from 27.5” to 42.5” (OSHA compliant at 34” and 42.5”).

Stair System Components:

Platform legs feature captured fasteners allowing for a wide range of adjustability. The one-step riser connection uses an OSHA safety pin to lock the riser to the platform. Also features hardware-free handrails that slide into the platform and lock securely in place with Valco snap buttons. Handrails are universal for left or right installation and fold flat for easy transport and storage. System ships with one riser handrail and one platform handrail.

Safety and Durability:

OSHA compliant and exceeds NIOSH lifting recommendations. Each major component weighs less than 50 lbs. allowing for safe, one-person installation. Welded construction and 6000 series alloy aluminum. Extruded tread for maximum slip-resistance.

Stair System Adjustability and Use:

The platform and riser legs adjust independently allowing for easy, on site leveling. The design also allows the stair system to be easily expanded, reconfigured, or moved.

Made in the USA and carries a three-year warranty.

Number of Risers
Height adjustment
OSHA-compliant heights
Overall height range without canopy
Overall height range with canopy
Overall height without canopy - OSHA Compliant
Overall height with canopy - OSHA Compliant
Riser weight with legs
Riser handrail weight
Platform weight with legs
Platform handrail weight
System net weight
Footprint (fully assembled) (W x L)
23” - 34”
25.5” & 34”
65.5" - 76.5"
116.3" - 127.3"
68" & 76.4"
118.8" & 127.3"
27 lbs.
7 lbs.
46 lbs.
16 lbs.
96 lbs.
40.5" x 89.5"
27.5” - 42.5”
34” & 42.5”
70.1" - 85"
120.9" - 135.8"
76.5" & 85"
127.3" & 135.8"
37 lbs.
8 lbs.
48 lbs.
17 lbs.
110 lbs.
40.5" x 99"

Platform size – overall (W x L): 40.5” x 60"

Platform size – useable (W x L): 38.5” x 58.5”

Aluminum type: 6000 series

Rated load*: 1000 lbs.

Standard feet: 4” x 4” sq.

Riser height: 8.5”

Riser tread depth: 9.5”

Riser tread width: 36.5”

Riser handrail height – measured from leading edge of step tread to gripping surface: 36”

Platform handrail height: 42.5”

Warranty: 3 Years

Riser type: Open

Universal handrails: Left or right turn

NOTE: Weights and dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

*Do not exceed rated load

For additional specs and dimensions see “Documents”

Available Options

Available Options
Easy-to-install 96” canopy for overhead protection from the elements. The rust-resistant Canopy features an aluminum frame with 22-gauge galvanized steel roof. Attaches directly to the FORTRESS Stair, which means no footings or building alterations are needed.

Features a sturdy, boxed-frame design for superior strength and durability and all fittings are made of high quality aluminum or galvanized steel. The four-post canopy has cross member supports for wind load resistance.


One-person assembly in under 30 minutes.


Exceeds NIOSH lifting recommendations. Each major component weighs less than 50 lbs. allowing for safe, one-person installation.


The rapid-swap design also allows the canopy to be easily moved as needed. Generous, 96" measurement from walking surface to roof ensures plenty of door swing and light fixture clearance.

Oversized Feet

May eliminate the need for pavers in most soil conditions.

Platform with Drain Holes

Helps facilitate drainage with additional .75” holes in platform surface.

Secondary Handrails

If handrails need to be installed on both sides, additional riser handrails and platform handrails are available.

Although it's our intent to keep all documents current, some documents are subject to change and may take time to update. If you are unsure whether you have the most current revision or if your product is different, contact our technical support.
Can you connect two Stair Systems together to create an up and over?

Yes, we do have this capability; however, you cannot connect two standard models together without a few extra parts and pieces. This particular configuration would be a custom stair system requiring additional hardware and handrails. Ask us about this configuration and how we can help get you the right solution for your project – we have lots of capabilities with this product.

Do you offer a side approach and front approach?

Yes, we offer both. The side approach is a standard offering and the front approach is a very simple custom stair system with a minor handrail reconfiguration. Ask us about this type of configuration!

Can the stair be connected to a building?

Yes, we recommend attaching the stair to the building using pre-drilled anchoring holes, which are on all sides of the stair system’s platform.

Are the stairs adjustable?

Yes, both sizes of our OSHA Stair System are adjustable. The FOR2334 is adjustable to heights between 23” and 34” and the FOR2742 is adjustable to heights between 27.5” and 42.5”. The legs are adjustable and each size has two riser settings/positions; one with the top riser flush with the platform and one with the top riser one riser height below the platform. Use our FORTRESS Calculator to help!

At what heights are the stairs OSHA compliant?

The FOR2334 is OSHA compliant at 25.5” and 34” and the FOR2742 is OSHA compliant at 34” and 42.5”.

Are the stairs easy to transport?

Yes, the handrails fold flat and can also be used on either side for versatility. The stairs are also made of lightweight aluminum.

What kind of surface is used?

Our tread consists of extruded aluminum with raised ribs for permanent slip resistance.

Do you offer a canopy for the stairs?

Yes, we have a canopy option for our OSHA stair.

How many handrails are included?

One handrail is included and can be used on either the left or right side of the stair system based on your needed configuration.

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