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Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month: Make Your School More Accessible

Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month: Make Your School More Accessible |

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a group of diseases that cause people to lose strength and muscle mass over time.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the most common and most severe form of MD. According to Kids Health®, children with Duchenne MD usually begin to show symptoms around five years old, and need to use a wheelchair by age 12. This means that half of their time in school is spent in a wheelchair. At EZ-ACCESS we want to partner with these resilient kids that fight for their mobility and freedom from this disease by sharing a few ways you can make your school a little more accessible.

The Main Entrance

The Main Entrance

Attending school is a mental game for many kids. They want to be included, liked and understood. If a school sends children with disabilities to a side entrance, it can send the wrong message. The side entrance says, “you’re a side priority,” while the main entrance says, “you’re a main priority.” Give children the option to go into school with their friends, so they can make memories, laugh and joke before the day starts.

Our school ramp is ADA, IBC, and OSHA compliant, easily adaptable for any building and can make an entrance easy to access.

Portable Classrooms

Portable Classrooms

It’s common for classroom numbers to grow before a school can expand their building. Administrators must strategically place age groups and teachers in a portable classroom so the school environment continues to be one where kids can thrive. Enable inclusive interaction in a portable classroom by allowing accessibility for everyone. That way, no one has to stay inside or feel excluded.

See how our TITAN™ ramp can offer various accessibility solutions for your portable classroom.



Do you remember how free you felt as a kid at recess? Unfortunately, not all playgrounds allow that kind of independence for everyone - especially older playgrounds that may be built with materials that aren’t very conducive to mobility equipment. An area that is commonly overlooked is the transition from wood chips to grass. If the playground is not built on asphalt, there is likely a ledge around the outside to contain wood chips, which makes it difficult for anyone in a wheelchair to play. Do a lap around your playground and take note of areas that would limit someone on wheels. Then check out our TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat and TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp to see which one would work best for your school!

The early years of someone’s life have the power to shape a person’s future.

We want to ensure that every child has a positive experience at school, no matter their mobility limitations.

If you’re on a time crunch and a new school year has already begun, don’t worry! Our ramps can be installed over the weekend, and ready for the kids on Monday.

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