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TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat

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The TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat is designed for getting hand trucks, service carts, and other industrial equipment up and over curbs and raised landings. Made of 100% recycled rubber, is slip-resistant, and is designed for high-traffic use. To accommodate wider applications, two mats can be placed side-by-side. Its 2½” height can be easily trimmed or notched for a custom fit. Optional risers are available to reach heights greater than 2½”.

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100% Recycled Rubber

This heavy-duty mat is an eco-friendly, durable solution that will not buckle under heavy loads.

TRANSITIONS product image
TRANSITIONS product image

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Can be used both indoors and outdoors to meet a variety of industrial needs. Anchoring hardware is included.

Optional Rubber Risers

The Modular Entry Mat can be combined with optional risers to obtain a maximum height of 4.75 inches. See product options for more details.

TRANSITIONS product image


TMEM 2.5-1

TMEMR 2.25

Made of 100% Recycled Rubber

Slip-resistant Surface

Usable size (L x W x H)

24" x 48" x 2.5"

24" x 24" x 2.25" per riser (2 each)

Overall size (L x W x H)

24" x 48" x 2.5"

24" x 24" x 2.25" per riser (2 each)

Usable height*


**Call customer service for details


40 lbs.

23.5 lbs. per riser (2 each)

Weight capacity

850 lbs.

850 lbs.

For wheelchairs & scooters

NOTE: Weights and dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

*Consult your mobility equipment's owner guide for the proper slope/incline. Never exceed its recommendations.

**Optional components available to reach heights greater than 2.5". Call for details.

***Weights are approximate and may vary.

For additional specs and dimensions see “Documents”


Available Options


4 piece

The TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat can be combined with an additional Modular Entry Mat and one set of Risers to create a maximum height of 4.75”. Risers are shipped in pairs (one pair measures 24” x 48” when placed side-by-side). Please call customer service for additional details.


  • Although it's our intent to keep all documents current, some documents are subject to change and may take time to update. If you are unsure whether you have the most current revision or if your product is different, contact our technical support.


  • How do I make this mat taller than 2.5”?

    If you use a single TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat, you can accommodate thresholds up to 2.5” high. You can accommodate rises up to 4.75” high by combining one mat with a set of risers and a second mat.

  • How do I stack the rubber threshold mats with the risers?

    Place the risers side-by-side in front of the threshold.  One rubber threshold mat will go in front of the risers and an additional mat will go on top of the risers.

  • Can these rubber mats be cut to fit my entrance?

    Yes, they can be cut down to size or notched if needed to accommodate obstacles such as door trim.

  • What do you suggest I use for trimming the mat?

    We recommend using a reciprocating saw, razor knife, or hand saw.

  • Should the mat be secured to the surface it is on?

    The rubber threshold mat is fairly heavy by nature; however, we do recommend securing it in place to ensure lack of movement. Hardware is supplied for securing the mat to a wood or concrete surface.


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Product Overview - TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat | EZ-ACCESS

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