Residential Lifts

Options for lifting and lowering you from the entrance of your home or the toilet in your bathroom.

Residential Lifts

Residential Lifts

Our residential lift options are all about lifting and lowering you to your next destination, whether that be the entrance of your home or the toilet in your bathroom.

Toilet Incline Lifts

Residential Lift Solutions

We are fully committed to helping maximize freedom and independence without sacrificing safety. This is why we have lifts for your home available in addition to our ramp offerings. Ramps simply aren’t always the right choice for every scenario. With the push of a button, our vertical platform lift and our toilet incline lift can get you where you need to go.

Our PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lifts allow you to reach higher porches and entrances with a small footprint. This is a great option when space is limited. Battery-powered and made of aluminum, these can be placed in your garage or at the front of your home to offer ease of access.

According to the CDC, people over 65 suffer the majority of their injuries while getting on and off the toilet. EZ-ACCESS has a simple solution to make toileting safer to mitigate fall risks. The TILT® Toilet Incline Lift is incredibly useful for those with lower extremity weakness or injury and can offer dignity in a vulnerable area of the home. Getting on and off the toilet is a frequent task that can be quite difficult for some. Much like a lift chair, this toilet lift provides the assistance needed to independently perform toileting activities.

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