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TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat

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The TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat accommodates doorways, raised landings, and floor offsets to provide a smooth transition. This durable mat is ideal for high-traffic areas and will not buckle under heavy loads. Made from 100% recycled rubber, a naturally slip-resistant material, the mat provides a superior grip for added traction. The Angled Entry Mat is available in three colors: Black, Grey, and Brown.

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TRANSITION angled entry mat in front of a home's front door

Made with 100% Recycled Rubber

This mat is eco-friendly and can be used safely on nearly any surface. This durable mat can withstand harsh weather conditions and indoor/outdoor high-traffic use.

Beveled Edges

Allows cross-traffic access and provides an attractive, finished look.

TRANSITIONS product image
TRANSITIONS product image

Custom Fit

Available in 1½" and 2½" heights. Features integrated size guides for simple and accurate trimming to ensure an optimal fit. Anchoring hardware is also included.


TAEM 1.5

TAEM 2.5

Made of 100% Recycled Rubber

Slip-resistant Surface

Usable Size (H x L x W)

1.5" x 14" x 36"

2.5" x 25" x 36"

Overall Size (H x L x W)

1.5" x 14" x 40"

2.5" x 25" x 43"

Usable Height*




14 lbs.

31 lbs.

Weight Capacity

850 lbs.

850 lbs.

For Wheelchairs and Scooters

NOTE: Weights and dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

*Consult your mobility equipment's owner guide for the proper slope/incline. Never exceed its recommendations.

**Weights are approximate and may vary.

For additional specs and dimensions see “Documents”


Available Options


aem colors

The Angled Entry Mat is available in three attractive colors: Black, Hazelnut Brown, and Storm Grey.


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  • I need this to accommodate a 1” rise but this mat only comes in 1.5” and 2.5” heights, what should I do?

    We suggest purchasing a 1.5” and cutting the mat down to the size you need or using one of our other TRANSITIONS threshold ramps such as a 1” TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp.

  • Is the edge that butts up to the threshold straight or beveled as well?

    The edge is straight (no bevel) and perpendicular to the ground. Only the sides of the mat are beveled.

  • Can this be used with a sliding glass door?

    Yes, this mat is perfect for sliding glass doors because it doesn’t interfere with the track. Put one mat on the inside of the door and one on the outside to help eliminate the trip hazard the door track can present. The mat is made to withstand weather conditions of all sorts so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • How thin do these mats taper to at the bottom?

    The mat tapers to approximately .125”.

  • Can this be used for entering a stand up shower. Will it hold up to water?

    Yes, the mat can be used for this particular application as it will hold up to the water. These mats were designed for both indoor and outdoor use so they can withstand the elements.

  • Does this come in different colors?

    Yes, this mat is available in three different colors; black, grey, and brown.

  • Does the mat stay in place?

    The rubber mat is fairly heavy by nature; however, we do recommend securing it in place to ensure lack of movement. Hardware is supplied for securing the mat to a wood or concrete surface.


Thumbnail of the Product Overview - TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat | EZ-ACCESS video

Product Overview - TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat | EZ-ACCESS


  • This EZ-ACCESS THRESHOLD RAMP made a world of difference & was easy to install. Thank you so very much for a wonderful product.


  • I bought the 7ft last summer, but had a bump getting in the front door. This solves my problem. I called and talked with the man that sold me the 7ft and he had the answer for me.

    L. C.

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