How to Train like a World-class Athlete

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How to Train like a World-class Athlete | EZ-ACCESS

Very soon, certain games will be starting in Rio and our proud athletes have only a few short sessions left to finalize their training.  While their training techniques are complex and focused on specific muscle groups dependent on their sport, there are several tips the everyday adaptive athlete can use to improve their fitness regime.  In order to keep you healthy and pursuing your dreams, the EZ-ACCESS team is providing top athlete training tips drawn from professional athlete interviews and quotes:

  1. Schedule – the opportunities are there, but what your body can do when varies. What time of day do you have the most energy to dedicate to a workout?  Maintain a regular weekly schedule or routine to keep yourself on track.
  2. Be positive – whether you have a coach, trainer or are self-motivating, you need to find a way to stay positive in your attitude and pursuit of success. What are your goals and how will you keep looking forward?
  3. Challenge yourself with peers – there are many differences in the challenges disabled athletes experienced in their training. Do you have peers who push you and you push them?  Work out with a group of like-minded athletes with the same goals as you.
  4. Open-minded lifting – situating yourself into the typical lifting machines may be difficult, but keep an open mind. Find the machines that work best for you, continue to focus on maxing out and don’t get discouraged by the inability to use specific machines. Keep looking and you’ll find what works best for you.  The more you try, the more variety you’ll add to your workout.
  5. Adaptive Training – for disabled athletes, training for specific sports must be individual and flexible. What works for a standup athlete will most likely not work for a disabled athlete, so you’ll need to come up with training that mimics able-bodied training without becoming complacent or going too hard and risking injury.

In next week’s blog, see how specific foods and special diets help world-class athletes train harder, and could help you achieve your training goals.  For greater access to your favorite training spots, check out EZ-ACCESS’ large selection of strong, durable portable wheelchair ramps used for transportation and public access!

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