Temporary Housing

Need to find a durable, cost-effective solution that provides safe entry into modular buildings serving as temporary housing units?

EZ-ACCESS’ all-aluminum ramp, platform, and step systems are the perfect solution that you can depend on over and over again. Configurable to any entrance, easy to install, and relocatable at a moment’s notice when moving to a new location, are all important requirements when needing to make temporary buildings accessible for all occupants.

Along with these requirements, our systems also meet compliance standards established by:

  • ADA
  • IBC
  • OSHA
  • Most Local Building Codes


EZ-ACCESS ramp, platform, and step systems are perfect when you have a short-term need to make the entrance to modular buildings accessible. Our modular access systems can be configured to fit virtually any entrance. If the temporary building needs to be moved or taken down, the system can easily be disassembled then moved anywhere you need it.

Save On Maintenance With Your ALUMINUM Access SOLUTION

EZ-ACCESS ramps, platforms, and steps are made of aluminum, which performs well in all weather conditions. With their durable construction that offers more longevity than wood, steel, and concrete, you can trust that these access solutions will do their job for years to come.

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