Public Access

Offer ease of access for all individuals entering and exiting public buildings and spaces by utilizing an all-aluminum, code-compliant ramp system from EZ-ACCESS.

From making libraries, museums, and government buildings accessible for all, to improving access to a locally-owned small business, EZ-ACCESS can provide a customized solution to maintain safe public access. You can help eliminate the potential hazards caused by stairs, inclines, curbs, and elevated landings by using a durable, long-lasting ramp system.

Modular Access Systems: The key to EZ-ACCESS modular access systems is their adaptability.

Because each building is different, creating an accessibility solution that can adapt to any entrance is essential. The TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System features ramps, platforms, and steps that can be combined and configured to fit any sort of entrance.

Compliant, Durable ingress/egress Systems

From businesses to public buildings, providing and maintaining access is essential, and in many cases, a legal requirement. EZ-ACCESS commercial-grade modular access systems require little maintenance and are made of high-strength aluminum that performs well in any weather condition and can stand up to high-traffic use.

Additionally, our systems meet compliance standards set by:

  • ADA
  • IBC
  • OSHA
  • Most Local Building Codes

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