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ADA Ramp Systems Don't Need to Be Complicated

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Ramps Designed to Improve Access for All

EZ-ACCESS is dedicated to helping people break through barriers by providing accessibility solutions fit for any structure. The PATHWAY® HD is our all-aluminum, commercial-grade modular ramp system, which we have designed to meet standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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The key to our ADA-compliant ramp is its adaptability and durability. Whether you need a permanent ramp system for your business or a semi-permanent access solution that can be deployed during building construction or renovations, EZ-ACCESS can provide an ideal option for your location.
commercial access solution

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ADA Standards are the same from state to state. A storefront in California should be as accessible as one in Texas or New York. The commercial-grade, ADA-compliant ramp manufactured by EZ-ACCESS can be configured to match the entrance of any building, in any state. This adaptability is critical to ensuring accessibility for users of all abilities. Not only do these ramps meet ADA standards, but they foster inclusion and extend an invitation to everyone that wants to enter a business or public space.

Durable ADA Ramps That Are Built to Last

EZ-ACCESS ramps are made of durable aluminum that is built to withstand the elements and perform well in all weather conditions and feature a permanent, slip-resistant surface for increased traction. Unlike wood ramps, our aluminum ramps don’t require time-consuming, costly maintenance or upkeep because the materials don’t break down over time. Because of this, you save money on maintenance costs for a ramp that will meet ADA standards for many years to come.
commercial access solution
commercial access solution

Understanding ADA Ramp Requirements

Making sure your ramp adheres to ADA regulations is important, but those requirements can be complex and difficult to understand. As of 2015, some key requirements included:
  • Ramps need to be at least 36 inches wide
  • Level landings are required at each end of the ramp’s run
  • The maximum rise for any single ramp run shall be 30 inches before a level landing is required, but there is no limit on the number of runs per ramp system
  • Handrails are required on both sides of any ramp with a rise greater than 6 inches
Learn More About Specific ADA Ramp Requirements
If you would like to learn more about specific ADA ramp requirements for buildings and curb ramps, please consult this guide from the United States Access Board.
Download The ADA Ramp Guide
Please note applicable local codes may have additional requirements beyond what has been established by the ADA.
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To learn more about the specifics of EZ-ACCESS ramps and how they meet ADA compliance guidelines, please contact our team directly.
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