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Give Wood Ramps the Axe

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Give Wood Ramps the Axe!

Aluminum ramps offer a safer and higher quality product for students and staff.

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Nearly one-third of schools across the country are equipped with ramps to help students access portable classrooms. In every school district, there never seems to be enough money in the budget, so finding cost-effective solutions to accessibility issues is imperative. When you look at the costs for installing a wood ramp versus an aluminum ramp, the wood ramp is cheaper up front. So that's the correct choice for students, right?


While cheaper to install, wood ramps are more expensive to maintain, and often require replacement sooner. More importantly, aluminum ramps are safer for students. Wood ramps are impacted by the weather, causing them to rot and warp, making the ramps dangerous for students.

Ready to learn more about the benefits aluminum ramps offer school districts?

Our newest white paper details how aluminum ramps are both cost-effective for school districts and safer for the students who use them.

What you'll learn from our white paper

  • How aluminum ramps reduce maintenance costs.
  • The safety benefits that aluminum ramps offer over wood ramps.
  • The ongoing costs associated with installation and maintenance for wood ramps.
  • The benefits of a ramp system that meets ADA, IBC, OSHA and local building code safety compliance guidelines.

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