HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter & Power Chair Lift

When it comes to heavy-duty security and functionality, the HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift is the total package. The HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift is designed for large scooters and power chairs. Features include a 325-pound weight capacity, fully boxed base frame, and optional swingaway. Its universal tray design accommodates a wide range of mobility devices without the need for multiple trays and configurations. Order the HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift today to haul your heavy-duty scooter or power chair with ease.  

For other options try the HAULWAY® Lite or the HAULWAY® Standard Lift.

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Product Specifications

  • Heavy Duty Models

    Heavy Duty Universal

    Lift Accommodates

    Medium to large power chair or scooter


    107 lbs

    Weight Capacity

    325 lbs

    Usable Size

    27”L x 45”W

    Hitch Class

    II or III*

    Hold Down Arm


    Cargo Buckle


    *Please consult your HAULWAY dealer to determine your ideal hitch and lift combination. 

Product Features

  • Automatic Tilt

    The HAULWAY Heavy Duty Scooter & Power Chair Lift automatically tilts your mobility device to keep it safe when navigating steep inclines.
  • Auto-retractable Ratchet Tie-downs

    Includes auto-retractable ratchet tie-downs to keep your mobility device secure.
  • Automatic Fold

    The HAULWAY Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift automatically folds up when not in use!

Product Options

  • There are several options you can add to the HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter & Power Chair Lift that are designed to address the transport of your scooter or power chair.

    Hitch Adapter

    Class II and Class III hitch adapters (L-tubes) available.

    Battery Pack

    The portable battery pack is a quick Plug-N-Play alternative to wiring to your vehicles battery system.


    Designed to allow quick and easy access to the rear cargo area without removing the lift.

    Scooter & Power Chair Covers

    Scooter and Power Chair covers designed to keep your mobility device covered and clean while transporting it on your lift.


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