CONCIERGE® 2300 Residential Power Door Opener

The CONCIERGE® 2300 Residential Power Door Opener is perfect for residential customers looking to increase accessibility to their interior and exterior doorways. This cost-effective, lightweight residential power door opener is easy to install without modification to your door or jambs and simply plugs into a regular 115 vac wall outlet. Friends and family can rest easy knowing the CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener offers important safety features such as an adjustable door hold-open time, automatic load-sensor in instances when the door encounters an obstruction and a thermally-protected drive motor.

Available controls include a wall-mounted push plate, a digital keypad, and a variety of wireless remotes.


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Product Specifications

  • Product
    Mounting Method & Direction
    Required Power
    Concierge 23DL
    Door Mount, Left Swing
    115vac 60hz 3amp
    Concierge 23DR
    Door Mount, Right Swing
    115vac 60hz 3amp
    Concierge 23JL
    Jam Mount, Left Swing
    115vac 60hz 3amp
    Concierge 23JR
    Jam Mount, Right Swing
    115vac 60hz 3amp


    For additional specs and dimensions see “Documents”


    Motor: 115Vac 60Hz gear motor.

    Product dimensions: 12 3/4 W x 6 H x 3 1/2 D

    Weight: 10 lbs.

    Material/Finish: Cover Gray ABS Plastic.

    Physical Application: For residential side hinged doors. Door mount on pull side (needs 3 1/2 back clearance) - 3 above top of door needed for arm hub. Jamb mount on top of push side. Avoid out-swinging exterior doors.

    Activation: Dry contact momentary signal, wireless.

    Extra Info:
    •       Requires a 115Vac 60Hz standard outlet (9 foot power cord supplied).
    •       No modification of the door or jambs
    •       Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet
    •       Complete instructions are packed with every door opener
    •       Virtually maintenance-free
    •       Fits interior and exterior door applications
    •       Left and right hand door openers are available (hand can be changed in the field in a matter of minutes).
    •       Low profile model, for limited room above the door

Product Features

  • Operation

    May be operated manually or with the use of a variety of wireless remotes, keypads, or pushplates.
  • Safety

    The door can always be opened manually from either side (although a key may be required). If the door encounters an obstruction during the opening cycle, the friction clutch will slip, timeout and close. Thermally-protected drive motor.

Product Options

  • There are several options you can add to the CONCIERGE® 2300 Residential Power Door Opener that are designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential market.


    Chose from a variety of openers designed to make the use of your power door opener quick and easy:

    1-, 2-, & 4-button remotes, garage door style

    1-button remote pendant

    Exterior, digital keypad

    Wall-mounted push-plate


    Electric Strike

    Permits door to be secured when closed, but releases automatically when opener receives signal or can be unlocked and opened manually with a key.

    Models available for metal or wooden jambs

    Silent operation

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