Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety Solutions

Improve Safety, Reduce the Risk of Falls

The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in your house. There are plenty of slippery surfaces and tight spaces, which increase your risk for sustaining an injury from a fall and if your mobility is limited, the risks only multiply. According to the CDC, people over 65 suffer the majority of their injuries while getting on and off the toilet. EZ-ACCESS has a simple solution to make toileting safer, along with several bathing accessories to make bathing more convenient for individuals with limited mobility and caregivers, alike.

Toilet Incline Lift

The TILT® Toilet Incline Lift offers safe, independent bathroom use and is easy to install right on top of an existing toilet bowl. The TILT adds lift chair functionality to your commode via the push of a button. Complete with sturdy hand grips, this easy-to-use bathroom aid lifts to your natural body movement so that you can depend on the TILT for increased stability.

Bathing Accessories

Bathing, showering, and shampooing can seem difficult for individuals with limited mobility. For those that are bed-ridden, it may seem impossible. Our bathing accessories give caregivers the tools to perform personal hygiene tasks for their loved ones or patients without needing to transfer them to a shower or bathtub.

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