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EZ-ACCESS does more than produce the best mobility ramps, lifts and accessibility solutions. We also provide you with tools and accessories that can help you use those solutions more effectively. From bathing accessories that make it easier to help individuals with limited mobility maintain hygiene to accessories that provide extra storage on your scooter or power chair, EZ-ACCESS has you covered. Browse all of the accessories available by viewing the products below.

There are currently 18 products.

  • EZ-Bathe Body Washing Basin Rendering

    EZ-BATHE® Body Washing Basin

    The EZ-BATHE® Body Washing Basin allows the client to enjoy bathing the way it’s meant to be – soaking wet!...

  • EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Basin Rendering

    EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Basin

    The EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Basin allows for a refreshing, revitalizing shampoo without getting out of the bed. Comfor...

  • EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray Rendering

    EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Tray

    The EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Tray is exceptionally easy to use. It is contoured to fit the neck comfortably and re...

  • EZ-Shower Bedside Shower Rendering

    EZ-SHOWER® Bedside Shower

    The EZ-SHOWER® is designed to be used where a water source is unavailable, it is an overhead bedside shower that can ei...

  • Mobility Scooter Chair Cover

    Scooter & Power Chair Covers

    Our Scooter and Power Chair covers are both made of a durable nylon material and feature elasticized reinforced s...

  • scooter pack

    Scooter & Power Chair Pack

    This spacious pack has large privacy compartments to keep personal items handy. It is easy to install, simply slip the mesh slee...

  • Mobility Scooter Arm Tote - Small

    Scooter Arm Tote

    Our Scooter Arm Tote keeps personal belongings safely within your reach. It easily attaches to the scooter arm using a...

  • scooter basket liner

    Scooter Basket Liner

    The Scooter Basket Liner ensures all items placed in the basket are there when you’re looking for them. This liner has adj...

  • Mobility Scooter Single Tank Oxygen Carrier

    Scooter Single Oxygen

    The Scooter Single Oxygen is a large single tank pocket with a reinforced bottom for long lasting durability. It converts easily...

  • universal bather, bathing chair

    Universal Bather

    The Universal Bather is the perfect place to hold all your bathing supplies at once. Built with interchangeable suction cup...

  • Pocket Pouch Attachment for Mobility Crutch

    Universal Crutch Pouch

    Keep all the essential items within reach even with limited mobility. The Universal Crutch Pouch has a universal fit that m...

  • walker, wheelchair small tote

    Universal Tote

    With two different sizes available, the Universal Tote features an opaque pouch capable of storing valuables and personal i...

  • Mobility Walker Basket Liner with Items

    Walker Basket Liner

    Add more privacy and security to a walker basket with the EZ-ACCESS Walker Basket Liner. Comes with a zippered pocket that ...

  • Walker carryon, side mount

    Walker Carryon

    The Walker Carryon is available in two styles, a side mount and a front mount. It makes the perfect compliment for eve...

  • Wheelchair Back Carrier Attachment

    Wheelchair Back

    Made with opaque, heavy-duty nylon material, the EZ-ACCESS Wheelchair Back is perfect for shopping or having craft projects...

  • Wheelchair oxygen carrier, single tank capacity

    Wheelchair Oxygen Carrier

    Available in single or dual tank capacity, this versatile carrier also features an adjustable snap for holding either “D&r...

  • Wheelchair Pack for Back of Wheelchair

    Wheelchair Pack

    Place this large pack with deep pockets behind the wheelchair or take it off and use it as a tote. The EZ-ACCESS Wheel...

  • Wheelchair Underneath Carrier made of Vinyl Mesh.

    Wheelchair Underneath Carrier

    The EZ-ACCESS Wheelchair Underneath Carrier is a large mesh canopy that attaches underneath the wheelchair and is...

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