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Enhancements for Your Accessibility

Explore all the ways you can enhance your EZ-ACCESS ramp or vertical platform lift.  You can also check out how you can represent the EZ-ACCESS brand every day through our stylish apparel options!  

There are currently 6 products.

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    Passport® Call/Send Control

    Enhance your Passport® Vertical Platform Lift with an additional Passport® Call/Send Control to allo...

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    Passport® Platform Safety Rail

    The EZ-ACCESS Passport® Platform Safety Rail offers additional support for users of the Passport® Vertica...

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    Passport® Platform Weather Guard

    Enhance your Passport® Vertical Platform Lift with the Passport® Platform Weather Guard which offers added pro...

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    Passport® Top Landing Gate

    Enhance your Passport® Vertical Platform Lift with the Passport® Top Landing Gate which offers a mec...

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    Passport® Wireless Remote

    Make use of the Passport® Vertical Platform Lift even easier with the Passport® Wireless Remote whic...

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    Top Lip Extension